Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here's a story about a heroic family that is being persecuted because they are atheists. This story makes my blood boil. The christian idiots who inhabit that small town are violating the constitution, are un-American, and deserve to have the full force of the law brought down on them.

It's amazing that the people of the rural heartland, the grass-roots of America, who view themselves as the most wholesome and true Americans, are the ones who are destroying America through their ignorance. They follow fascist religious leaders like Pat Robertson, who claims that we were founded as a "Christian Nation", when it's abundantly clear that the founding fathers intended no involvement of government in religion. They adopt divisive political positions based on the "holy book", forgetting the national motto E Pluribus Unum. The rural south and midwest elected the fascist George W. Bush to the White House twice, manifesting a period of tremendous damage to Americans' freedoms and standing in the world.

Slowly, people have been waking up. We elected a Democratic Congress, and Bush's popularity rating has declined to around 30%. That's encouraging, but what's with those 30%? That's about 90 million people who still don't think beyond what FOX News tells them, who supposedly approve of Bush's corrupt goon squad. They have allowed their "values" to be twisted around against America itself.

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